Our Services


With more than four decades of combined experience in the courts of western and middle Tennessee and a commercial litigation practice as varied as the world of business itself, HF Law Group has the ability and resources to overcome any challenge or dispute your business faces.  We pride ourselves not just on the results we've achieved in the courtroom, but also on the number of long-term business relationships we have been able to build and maintain.

What makes HF Law Group different is a unique blend of actual trial experience involving a broad spectrum of issues, a more efficient way of practicing law; and the close personal attention, accessibility and responsiveness we are able to provide each client as a smaller law firm. Our clients get the hands on attention from our attorneys that they wouldn't get with a large law firm. In addition, our smaller size allows us to offer clients unique fee arrangements, including contingent fee, fixed fee and even discounted hourly rates for commercial litigation plaintiffs.

We know how to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom as well and are fully committed to using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration, whenever and wherever appropriate. 


Probate and estate administration can be daunting. We can assist and guide executor and heirs of a deceased person through the probate process, accounting for assets and debts of the estate, notifying heirs and creditors of the death and probate (including public notices if necessary), selling assets if necessary, paying creditors of the estate, arranging tax services and pay-offs for the estate, solving disputes between heirs of the estate, removing the name of the deceased from real estate deeds, distributing property of the estate, etc. Sometimes we find that the deceased person planned ahead and created trusts in order to avoid some of hassle involved in the process of probating an estate.  In those cases, we provide assistance and guidance to the trustees of the trust so that the trustee performs his/her duties as required by law. 

If managed carelessly or insensitively, the probate or administration of an estate or trust can devolve into some of the most bitter, highly-charged legal power struggles imaginable.  At HF Law Group, we keep that fact in mind as we provide representation when disputes involving such administrations arise.  We offer is four decades of combined trial experience, a thorough understanding of Tennessee's probate laws, and the kind of personal attention, attorney-client interaction and responsiveness not found at larger law firms.

Our attorneys represent family members, beneficiaries, executors, trustees, guardians and others in all types of probates, trusts and estates, including:

Administration of probate estates and trusts



Will contests (including actions brought for lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, duress, fraud and other challenges to the validity of wills)
Will interpretation and inheritance disputes
Trust litigation
Trust reformation
Petitions challenging the appointment or removal of trustees, guardians, executors and administrators
Breach of fiduciary duty claims
Creditor claims against a will or trust
Wrongful death lawsuits

Don't let yourself be blinded by complicated family dynamics or "the principle of the thing." We provide an objective perspective and work hard to keep estate assets where they belong.


At HF Law Group, we work hard to see that the personal injury victims we represent in western and middle Tennessee actually receive full and fair compensation for the harms they've suffered. Our attorneys take a hands-on approach when working with clients.  We know this is a difficult time for you and your family. We understand and are here to help. Tell us your story. We'll listen, answer your questions, give you an honest perspective as to the strengths or weaknesses of your case, and provide the legal representation you'll need to make a full recovery.

Our clients benefit from the actual trial experience we have. With Bob's decades of experience in defending insurance companies, Michele's membership of the Tennessee Association of Justice and the American Association of Justice and the experience of each member of the firm in representing plaintiffs, we are able to offer unique wisdom that allows us to look at a case from every angle.

When we represent an injured plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, the defense knows that we will not hesitate to take the case to trial if a reasonable settlement isn't offered in negotiations. The defense is also aware of our track record of success in court, and understands that we know the strategies they're likely to use in defending the case. Taken together, this provides a powerful incentive for making a fair offer and resolving the case quickly.


Divorce is an ugly word. It’s a word that none of us ever hope to see used in reference to ourselves. But if the unthinkable happens and you need an aggressive team of attorneys to represent you in divorce or other family litigation matters, we’re here to help.

Marital difficulties can be the most difficult and stressful times in anyone’s life. Think about it. You’re used to turning to your spouse for help, guidance and support. Now you can’t. All that you’ve worked and saved for with your spouse is now in jeopardy. Your physical and financial well-being, not to mention the security and protection of your children, is on the line. Our lead family law attorney, Michele Howard-Flynn, is a mom and knows just how important home, children and financial security are to her clients. 
Clearly, the best outcome for the family, especially the children, is to work towards a reasonable settlement.  To that end, we negotiate in good faith to arrive at a reasonable out of court settlement.   Unfortunately, however, the opposing party will act unreasonably and may attempt to hide assets, and income, refusing to own up to the responsibility of providing for the financial well-being of the family. Our team knows how to protect you and your children. We know how and where to look for those assets that your spouse tries to hide. We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to make sure that your future, and, more importantly, the futures of your children are protected. We have a well deserved reputation as attorneys who aren’t afraid of going to court to fight the hard fight on behalf of our clients.